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The folks at Drew Estate love to take care of their hard-working staff. That means letting their cigar rollers smoke all the cigars they want as they ply their trade. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the tobacco production for the Liga Privada blend is so limited that the rollers were smoking up too much of the inventory! Drew Estate had to restrict rollers from firing up Ligas, so they crafted their own blend utilizing many of the same leaves to take their place. The blend they concocted became the Undercrown cigars that you love so much today! Named for the lower priming of tobaccos utilized, Undercrown cigars deliver similar flavors and quality to the famed Liga Privada blend but are able to be produced in larger quantities because of the tobaccos used. Gaining popularity due to their incredible flavors and low price points, smoke like a true tobacco industry pro and pick up a box of Undercrown cigars today!