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Padron Ani Presidente Mad S


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6 x 50 - Maduro - Single
In a word, elegant. The pardon square tube has a satin like finish on the top half, with a raised gold divider for the lower half of the tube which features the signature of Jose Padron worked into the cream finished lower portion of the tube. The Maduro cigar gets a red maroon stripe, while the Natural features a red stripe. Inside the cigars are packaged in cello. As for the cigar it is as you would expect from Padron. Perfectly box pressed, dual-bands to protect against counterfeiting which was once an issue for the company, and a oily wrapper on this perfect cigar.

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A Different Padron, 16th May 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

The cold draw of the Padron is sweet with notes of mocha, apricot and prunes. The cold draw seems more intense than the non-rube version, and it lacks cedar which is an interesting twist. The foot of the cigar mimics the cold draw of the cigar, and once again it lacks the cedar quality that I get from the non-cello non-tube version of the Padron.

Once the cigar is toasted and lit, there is some nice notes of red pepper especially on the retrohale, with some sweetness on the palate. I'm still amazed by the lack of cedar and it changes the cigar up. There is a cookie dough like note, with hits of apricots, prunes and mocha with a long finish.

The second third has continued red pepper notes through the nose, but some hints of cinnamon and coffee begin to emerge after you retrohale. The sweetness remains with hints of apricots and mocha and a relatively long finish.

Moving on the last third, the red pepper notes remain constant on the retrohale, and the cigar continues to serve up notes of of cinnamon and mocha with a prolonged coffee note on the finish.

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