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Padron Anniversary Cigars

Padron Ani Imperial Mad


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6 x 54 - Maduro - Box of 25

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Anversario Goodness, 28th Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

Once I clip the cap of the cigar I take a dry pull of the cigar before lighting it up to get a feel for what may come. It also gives me a chance to awaken my palate. These initial notes have a subtle sweetness, earth, hay and some saltine like crackers. It’s unusually complex for a cold draw which is welcome. The foot of the cigar has a dominant saltine aroma and wheat.

The first third of the Padron 1964 sees notes that make me want to hurt my co-worker, Ed. You see, he lit one up a few hours before me and proudly stated “toasted marshmallows” to which I bantered back, “f*ck you Ed, I write the reviews here.” Sure enough I got the note and he wants a credit on the review, so here is his credit. As the first third continues there is some subtle chocolate sweetness and an abundance of cedar with some subtle pepper through the nose.

Moving into the second third, the toasted marshmallow note begins to fade as cedar becomes dominant. At the half way point some subtle wheat notes begin to build in flavor intensity slowly overtaking the cedar. There are some continued notes of chocolate and earthy aroma that adds to the experience.

The last third of the cigar is the smoothest by far and while the flavors seem to all meld together, there is no bitterness. The finish of the cigar is a mix of earth and cedar with just enough sweetness to smoke this until there is nothing left to hold on to.

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