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Padron 1926 Gift Pack


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It's a Padron!, 28th Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

Using a straight cut on the perfect cap, the cold draw is that of raisins, chocolate and a hint of earth. All three are equally potent and well-defined while the foot serves up some cedar notes that have a familiar warmth to them.

Once the cigar is toasted with my Lotus Venom lighter some notes of dark chocolate emerge with an espresso kicker on the backend. The cigar is so smooth and so complex as it is joined by cedar and toast that is just past perfectly done, but not yet burnt.

In the second third the cigar remains ridiculously smooth with continued notes of toast. Some cedar is introduced around the half way point of the cigar while elements of licorice come and go. The finish is slightly leather like.

The last third of the cigar combines the first two-thirds to an epic flavor bomb. Licorice, espresso, dark chocolate and toast over a canvas of earth makes this cigar complex and enjoyable.

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