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Oliveros Gran Retorno Habano

Oliveros G.R. Hab Banjo S


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4 1/2 x 52 - Habano - Single

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The Grand Return of Oliveros, 23rd Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

Notes from the prelight draw show off notes of aged tobacco with a bit of pepper and cashews. Once lit the first draw on this Oliveros gives off a huge burst of peppery spice followed by a soft leather which is backed by a slick mouthfeel. The oils from the wrapper let the nuances stick around for a bit after each draw.

Into the second third, the pepper has calmed down quite a bit, opening itself up to more subtle nuances of leather and salted nuts. The cigar started to waver a bit in the burn but quickly self corrected after about half an inch or so. The ash also hangs on tight all the way towards the final third.

Closing up on the Oliveros Gran Retorno Banjo Habano and the profile has gone full tilt, offering a rich and slightly more complex finish. As the cigar started to heat up more, notes of raisins and honey start to become more apparent, leaving hints of roasted coconut.

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