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La Gianna Maduro Cigars

La Gianna Bambino Maduro S


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4 x 46 - Maduro - Single

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you get so much more than you pay for, 4th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Alex Acosta

Do not let size fool you (not sure how many times this pick up line has worked) this cigar has a lot of flavor and an excellent burn. I normally smoke full bodied cigars and was expecting to be underwhelmed. I was wrong. The flavor was excellent and made this a very enjoyable cigar. This cigar should be bought in boxes.

A Gracious Smoke!, 23rd Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

The cold draw of the La Gianna Havanna Maduro features a sweet note that reminds me of chocolate and marshmallow much like a Mallomar. While the aroma off the foot is very similar, but leans more towards marshmallow. Before we light up the cigar it is obvious this is a traditional maduro built around being sweet, rather than a modern maduro around strength.

As we light up the cigar there is a subtle spice that is more of an after thought as the La Gianna Havana Maduro serves up notes that are perfect on a winter day of warm chocolate and marshmallows.

In the second third the cigar the creaminess of the warm chocolate continues as some nuttiness is introduced to the profile. The subtle spice on the first light is gone, as the cigar becomes incredibly rich and smooth with a buttery finish.

The last third of the La Gianna has a focal point of nuts, and the sweetness becomes more of a honey note instead of the chocolate that was so dominant on the first two-thirds of the stick. The cigar had a smooth finish with a touch of espresso.

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