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Illusione Rothchildes S


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4 1/2 X 50 - Natural - Single

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*R*espect, 21st Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

The aroma off the foot of the cigar is reminiscent of open a package of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa complete with the mini-marshmallows. With the cap clipped there are notes of chocolate and graham crackers.

Once the cigar is lit, the cocoa notes continue as the cigar provides a mouth-watering experience right for the get go. As the cigar progresses, some nutty notes join the mix with subtle elements of earth. The aroma of the cigar is slightly floral, and the finish is lengthy and enjoyable.

The second third of the cigar continues where the first left off. There isn’t much change and that is a good thing as the notes of cocoa, nuts and earth work together in harmony. Around the halfway point some of the floral notes from the aroma work their way into the palate with a subtle leather on the moderate finish.

In the final third, the cigar becomes exceptionally smooth and creamy as the nutty notes take over center stage. The cocoa transitions to the background, with continued earth and leather on the finish which is slightly salty.

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