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Hammer Sickle Hermitage

Hermitage Toro


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6x54 - Ecuadorian Habano Wrapper - 20ct Box

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Box Pressed Perfection, 21st Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

The cold draw of the Hermitage has a hickory note it with and abundance of sweetness. The foot of the cigar has a leather like aroma, much like a high-end leather coat, I kid you not. I’ve tasted leather before but I have never smelled it off of the foot.

Once the cigar is lit I am rather impressed by how incredibly smooth it is on first light. There is virtually no pepper through the nose either and I feel like comparing the cigar to Mel Torme, aka The Velvet Fog as the cigar triggered thoughts of the TV show Night Court. There are subtle notes of leather and wood with a hint of nuts that develop further at the 1st third comes to a closed.

The second third of the cigar saw the development of nuts and sweet notes that border on cocoa. The leather has left the building and the smoke continues to be incredibly smooth with some hints of cedar.

The last third of the cigar of the cigar develops some notes of leather once again with a continued base of nuts and wood on the incredibly smooth finish.

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