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Rocky Patel Edge Cigars

Edge Torpedo Corojo


6 x 52 - Natural - Box of 20
`The Rocky Patel Edge comes packaged in 20 count boxed with a rough unfinished wood box giving it a rustic appearance. The cigar features the band at the foot with colors of cream and brown. The cigar features some darker tobacco in the foot of the cigar which is densely packed with a nice weight to it. The wrapper has an oily appearance with some thin veins.

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Living on the Edge, 21st Jun 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

The cold draw of the cigar reminds me butter cookies with a subtle sugar like sweetness and melted butter. Beneath that layer is some hints of earth and cedar. The aroma off the foot of the cigar has some more buttery goodness and hints of apricots.

Once the cigar is lit there are dominant notes of almonds and a buttery richness similar to an Italian Sienese butter cookie. As those notes begin to level our some there are notes of cedar that grow in intensity with a continued almond like sweetness. The retrohale of the cigar offers up more almond notes with a touch of licorice.

Around the half-way point of the cigar some of the licorice from the retrohale makes its way on the palate when it blends with the notes of almond and cedar to create an enjoyable flavor profile. The retrohale of the cigar continues to serve up notes of licorice and sees the edition of perfectly toasted bread notes. The finish of the cigar borders on a long experience.

The final third of The Edge by Rocky Patel sees the licorice notes begin to fade away as some earthy components come into play. There is still a slight almond note with an abundance of cedar. The retrohale enhances the earthy notes of the cigar and the finish continues to border on long in length.

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