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Dos Hombre Dominican Cigars

Dos Hombre Dom 6 X 60


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6 x 60 - Natural - Bundle of 20

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A Great Bundle Cigar!, 20th Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

This Dos Hombre lonsdale lit fairly quickly with my torch lighter. The first few puffs offered up quite a bit of smoke that carried nuances of sweet cream, toffee bars and toasted walnuts.

During the second third, I began to notice more notes of white pepper through the nose which balanced out the natural sweetness of the filler tobaccos. It’s sitting comfortably on the mild side of the spectrum, and is pairing nicely with my usual cup of espresso coffee.

Finishing up on the Dos Hombre Dominican lonsdale, I’ve finished my coffee and switched to water. Hints of leather and straw begin to take over with a backbone of cedar and sugarcane. The pepper has sailed off, leaving behind a solid creamy mouthfeel.

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