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Davidoff 9 Cigar Sampler


Time. On the one hand, it can be fleeting, passing all too quickly. And yet, it can be an exquisite moment of indulgence, a luxurious occasion just waiting to be filled beautifully.

In their single-minded pursuit to create only the very best cigars, Davidoff believes in the importance of time. Taking precious time to craft an exceptional cigar, and equally taking the time to enjoy that cigar, lies at the very heart of Davidoff’s philosophy.

Davidoff is well known as being one of the finest super premium cigars on the market. The Davidoff 9 Cigar Assortment would make a beautiful gift for the holidays.

Davidoff has taken some of its best-selling cigars and has placed them in beautiful gift boxes. Experience rejuvenated selections for the contemporary cigar enthusiast.

A new contemporary wooden box with a white base created to delight Davidoff consumers, cigar novices, gifters and collectors.

This selection embodies the Davidoff experience of flavors and aromas. Created for the aficionado searching for a wide variety of great Premium cigars.

Cigar Assortment:

* Signature 1000
* Signature No. 2
* Signature 2000
* Grand Cru No. 2
* Aniversario Short Perfecto
* Aniversario Special R
* Aniversario No. 3
* Aniversario Special T
* Millennium Robusto

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