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Byron 1850 Cigars

Byron 1850 No. 4 S


5 x 50 - Natural - Single

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I hate that this is now my favorite cigar!, 20th Aug 2023

Reviewer: James Crouse

First off I can't afford this cigar, but after saving some tips and doing some side work I finally roped up enough money to go for free shipping with two guys. After filling and filling and filling my cart with all the great deals I was down about $45 left before free shipping and had to grab the 1850! The well-aged tobacco doesn't give a whole lot of nose on the examination and cold draw and I know I'm breathing well because I can smell the bourbon I'm having with it. The light and first third; the cedar hits you right off. The tobacco flavor reminds me of the Esteli I love so much creamy peanut butter and loads of smoke! The retro hale is light and smooth a tad of black pepper not a lot of spice and the smoke coats your mouth leaving a little oily feeling but not bad at all. Because of the price I'm really nursing this cigar and barely keeping it lit the smoke from the end is like a rich cedar incense flawless construction and burn line is pencil thin. Heading into the second third the flavor picks up the cedar backs off into an oak campfire and the nuttiness leaves but the cream remains. My nursing the cigar doesn't hamper the burn at all it stays lit for minutes between puff sessions. Over an hour on a robusto is good but I still have a third plus left the slow burn is even, the flavor is amazing and the volume of smoke is fantastic, if I hadn't accidentally dropped it in the ashtray I think the ash would have lasted more than half of the length of the cigar. The final third picks up the heat literally, the burn stays straight and flawless the unique terrior remains so close to the Estelli I love so much! The pepper picks up, the creaminess stays the whole time the nuts disappear, the cedar and French oak are present all the way but the cedar backs off the smoke coats my mouth and the bourbon doesn't take it off but the lingering flavor only adds to the experience. The most expensive and best cigar I've ever had! I hate you 2guys, I can't afford it but I love it

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