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Atabey Divinos S


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4 3/8 X 50 - Natural - Single

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Beautiful smooth smoke, 4th Nov 2019

Reviewer: Dan Rivera

A true pleasure. Had it with some Café Bustelo (an espresso). Just beautiful.

Quick shipping, 20th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Kevin Martinez

Haven't smoked it yet. I wanted to let it age a bit but I hear it's a great smoke. Looking forward to it. Shipping was great and protected well.

I love these cigars, 9th Nov 2018

Reviewer: Dennis Forte

I am a fairly new cigar smoker but these Atabeys are by far the best I’ve tried. So far I’ve had the Divinos and Delirios.

Definitely worth every penny in my opinion!!

Believe the Hype, 3rd Oct 2017

Reviewer: Kevin ODonnell

Everything I read about these cigars before purchasing was about how similar they were to Cuban tobacco. Some even speculating they actually are made of Cuban tobacco. Believe the hype, these are as close as you can get in the US to those attributes found in a great Cuban cigar. They smell of cedar, hay, and sweetness, and taste like graham crackers, honey, and coffee. They are buttery smooth and rich. I wish they were a little less expensive, but totally worth a try, or to be held aside as a special smoke.

Atabey gets an "ataboy", 15th Sep 2017

Reviewer: David Blake

Don't let this size fool you this is still a highly enjoyable smoke.

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The Greatest Cigar Ever Made, 14th Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

The cold draw of the Atabey Divinos is reminiscent of maple and molasses, with a hint of earth. On the nose of the cigar it is similar to that of the draw though much more subdued.

Upon first light one is easily impressed with how smooth this cigar is. The balance just simply cannot be beat by any cigar on the market. There are notes of warm butter, maple, and cuban toast. On the retrohale some of the molasses notes are detectable as well. In smoking this cigar it remains me of a log cabin, with a bearskin rug. On the table is some fresh maple syrup, cuban toast and a fireplace burning as well.

As we progress into the second third of the Atabey, the buttery richness continues with notes of toast and some cedar. The sweetness of the molasses and maple have left the building as the cigar takes on some new nuances. The aroma of the cigar adds to the complexity with some floral elements through the nose.

The last third there are some cedar and coffee notes, while the aroma of the cigar continues to be slightly floral. The finish is coffee with a slight nuttiness.

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very good, 1st Aug 2013

Reviewer: Evan Hayes

this is a great cigar I was recommended this cigar by one of the employees and I have loved it ever since. I travel from Boston, M.A. just to get these.

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