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It was in 1490, when the young explorer ADVENTURA and his companion McKay left Europe with their crew and started on one of their greatest adventures. Not conquests or gold treasures were their desire - their passionate drive was to discover the unknown pleasures of this world. When they were stranded on the island Kiskeya in spring 1490 and the island’s natives came closer, they saw that they held a small smouldering fire in their hands, which came from a rolled, fragrant plant. Dry leaves of this herb were rolled and at one end it was glowing. At the other end the natives were drawing the smoke with great pleasure. This sensuous activity seemed to be very inspiring for the natives.

Young ADVENTURA and his companion MacKay didn’t want to miss this outstanding experience. When they ignited the aromatic medium body herb, finest earthy and woody flavours, paired with hints of a creamy, white chocolate bouquets delighted their palate. A new and magnificent passion was born. „Neither the old nor the new world can be deprived of such a marvellous and enjoyable pleasure!“, thought ADVENTURA and his companion MacKay. And that’s how this wonderful cigar reached the US and now your hands, estimated Aficionado.