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It's a Mystery!!
You never know what you'rer gonna get in this mixture of 10 random cigars. Some of these may be slightly damaged, discontinued brands, discontinued packaging or even prototype brands...But at $30 per bag, you are bound to get at least double your money in cigars, if not triple or quadruple. So, take a shot! You never know what you may get.

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Yes, Do it, 26th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Aaron Aldridge

If you're wondering, and I'm sure you are. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this. Yes, do it. Less than $20. and it was certainly worth the money. I know I'll be getting one on my next order.

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Pleasantly surprised, 10th Oct 2018

Reviewer: Tristan Gomez

Ordered one in the hopes of getting a little variety instead of seeking out individual big brand cigars and it was everything I could have hoped for, a few sticks I didn’t care for but that’s what happens when you go for variety and I’ll probably buy me another one.

grab bag, 20th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Lou Marrocco

A great selection of cigars! ALways a pleasant surprise

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It's worth it, 28th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Joshua Lubrano

You can't really go wrong for $20. There are definitely some dog rockets included but they throw in 3-4 good cigars to make it worthwhile. I got some Gunslingers, a Perdomo, and a CLE.

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Great Xmas Special - Not a bad smoke in the bunch, 21st Dec 2017

Reviewer: Robert Stilwell

When the grab bag went on sale at Christmas (One of the 12 Days of Xmas specials) I picked up 2 orders of their 2 for 1 deal. Every bag was a little different, and there was not a bad smoke in the bunch. At 2$ a stick it's not a bad deal, but at a dollar a stick it's a steal.

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Grab bag, 19th Dec 2017

Reviewer: James Wright

Great idea to try different cigars that I probably wouldn't purchase otherwise. Great value

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lovin' it, 8th Dec 2017

Reviewer: John Landschoot

bought my first one a month or so ago. was such a good experience i ordered a second one. can't wait to see what they send.

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Great Deal, 8th Aug 2017

Reviewer: Patrick VanHoose

This is the best way to try several different quality cigars. They're NOT damaged or leftovers. I've done the grab bag several times and they're always great quality cigars. You never know what you'll get but that's part of the fun. Different sizes, strengths, and origins.

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Grab bag, 7th Aug 2017

Reviewer: Robert Killian

Service and personal touches were great, they were delivered quickly, the cigars themselves were ok, probably more cheapies than good ones, but what do you expect for 2 bucks a cigar, so overall i'd probably order again it was a good humidor filler, thanks again for the service.

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+90, 7th Jun 2015

Reviewer: David Schepps

Best $6. cigar I've smoked. Deals like that make me a customer. I'll be shopping!

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