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Atabey Brujos S


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5 X 52 - Natural - Single

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Epic, 11th Jul 2022

Reviewer: Dana De Long

I've had the Brujos and the Idolos to date. Creamy, complex, smooth and extremely satisfying. Atabey cigars are an 'epic' experience for me each and every time I have one.

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Great cigar smoking experience!, 2nd Apr 2019

Reviewer: Robert Mendoza

Great flavors, plenty of smoke. They cost a bit more, but are worth it. You won't be disappointed!!

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Consistent and Spectacular, 29th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Raffaello Pata

What a great cigar. I know there are MANY choices and a lot of really good cigars, but this is my special occasion cigar or my once or twice a month cigar. It is a good benchmark for me because I wander off and try lots of other cigars, coming back to Atabey is a nice reminder of what I really like in a cigar. Well constructed, beautiful wrapper, not edgy a solid medium to medium minus (for my pallet) and does not need to prove anything. This cigar and the brand are more about the CIGAR (Shocking) and the relaxing smoking experience rather than the marketing.

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FithWorld, 23rd Nov 2018

Reviewer: Alicia Moag Stahlberg

Atabey cigar is like the flood to come and the emergence of the fish world amen!!! Cheery vanilla in the back of the mouth!

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A must smoke, 15th Sep 2017

Reviewer: David Blake

I can write a review breaking down all aspects of my taste and experience with Atabey cigars but it is best for one to experience themselves. All words aside this is a must smoke.

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The Greatest Cigar Ever Created, 14th Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

he cold draw of the Atabey has a wonderful molasses like flavor and a slight maple taste while the foot has a similar aroma to the nose. Once the cigar is lit, there is an incredible smoothness and a creaminess that I have not experienced like this.

In the first third of the cigar it takes on a Cubanesque flavor with notes of wood that border on maple. There are also notes nuts and coffee thrown into the mix. On the finish the cigar has a very faint molasses that is trying to come to the surface but has yet to do so.

In the second third of the cigar the wood notes becomes more of a background for the nuttiness that becomes the dominant note along side some coffee notes and a hint of molasses. The cigar remains buttery smooth, with just the hint of toast. The complexity of the cigar is mind-blowing in the sense that there is so much going on latching onto specifics is almost a difficult task.

The last third of the Atabey the molasses note on the pre-light begins to take hold as the primary taste with a hint of cherry along for the ride. The finish is buttery smooth and short, which means it doesn’t linger.

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Exceptional, 11th Aug 2014

Reviewer: Barry Stein

This is a cigar that got the first ever 100 point review on TheCigarAugthority. A cigar that should be smoked at least once as a benchmark to everything else.

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