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Via Havana comes from Cuba Rica tobacco and is available in your choice of five wrappers...

Connecticut: At first glance one knows this is a special cigar. This mild-to-medium, visual stunner, with its flawless, Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper, beckons the flame. Go slow. This is not a sprint. The draw, perfect, delivers thick, dense, creamy, smoke, laced with hints of earth and cedar, all combining to satisfy the most discriminating, palate.

Connecticut Dulce:  The Connecticut wrappers have a sweetness to the wrapped that enhances the creamy smoke with elements of sweetness. Mild and flavorful, this cigar is an excellent choice for some new to cigars or enjoys sweetness on the wrapper. 

Maduro Dulce: Like no other. So unique in profile, construction, and complexity, that to describe it is to smoke it. A hint of sweetness on first draw fades quickly into creamy leather and earth, the slightest hint of spice dancing in the background. Stay on your toes. This medium to full bodied waltz has just begun. The choreography of flavor and complexity of the Maduro Dulce is a ninety minute symphony. Experience the Maduro Dulce once, and once will never be enough.