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Southern Draw Cigars was founded by family and friends, U.S. Army and Navy Veterans with a desire to recognize and defend our traditions and rights to enjoy the incredible art form of premium cigars, while honoring the history of tobacco and those resilient families who have cultivated, fermented and aged it to perfection. In collaboration with their seasoned partners that hail from proud cultures in Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador, United States, Mexico and the many that now reside in Nicaragua, which is highly regarded as the best cigar producing region of the world. Southern Draw may very well be considered a newcomer to this industry but they are not new to cigars and offer only uniquely blended premium cigars that are hand crafted from only fine Cuban seed tobaccos afforded them by their global partners and then patiently aged and naturally fermented by the dedicated hands at the world renowned AJ Fernandez Cigar Co. located in the heart of Esteli, Nicaragua.