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Fratello Corona


5 x 46 - Nicaragua - Box of 20

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Little Brother, 26th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Aaron Aldridge

I live in VT. I bought these in December, as I needed something that would be a quicker smoke in the cold weather. This corona has not disappointed!! I will be buying another box, which is my biggest compliment to any cigar. I'm not going to give a detailed flavor profile -- there may have been times I was freezing my ass off and missed a few flavors that are there!! LOL Certainly has what I would call cooking spices -- white pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg. Also very earthy. Yes, 5 stars for the Fratello Corona!

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Out Of The World!, 20th Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

With the cap clipped it is time to take a cold draw of the cigar and open up my palate to the experience ahead. The first notes are slightly nutty with hints of cedar and earth. Under the nose the cigar reveals a subtle manure (considered the ultimate compliment in the cigar industry) and cedar.

Once the cigar is toasted and lit the notes remind me a lot of oregano especially after you take in the aroma of the spice. After about a 1/4 inch, the oregano transforms into hints of black pepper with an abundance of strong espresso on the palate. The finish of the cigar reveals notes of cedar and a bit of leather that lingers.

Moving on to the center part of the cigar, the notes become predominantly cedar with a bit of leather, and nutmeg on the finish. The aroma continues to serve up black pepper but a subtle cinnamon begins to emerge as well.

In the last third the cinnamon notes that began to emerge at the end of the previous third begin to shine on the Fratello as they mingle with cedar, leather and nutmeg. The retrohale is spicy and helps enhance the cinnamon on the palate. The cigar has a long leathery finish.

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