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Eiroa First 20 Cigars

Eiroa First 20 50 x 5 S


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5 x 50 - Honduran - Single

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Celebrating 20 Years!, 20th Mar 2017

Reviewer: The Cigar Authority

On the first draw, I did not to expect this Honduran puro to taste the way it did. It was much richer and smoother than I anticipated. Right away I was greeted with peppery earth and brown sugar. The burn after around an inch or so was very sharp, needing no attention.

Into the second third, the body gets a bit fuller and I’m still getting the same flavors from the start. There are little complexities like coffee, nuts and espresso that come and go with each pull. The finish hangs out for a while and leaves a sweet and earthy flavor behind.

In the last two inches, flavor and strength get one last kick and then the heat starts coming. The smoke offers sharp and peppery sensations followed by a hot tamale spicy sweetness, especially through the nose. The wrapper on The First 20 Years by Eiroa was excellent, never once needing a correction.

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