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Davidoff Cigars Puro d'Oro Series Davidoff Puro d'Oro Cigars

The new Puro d.Oro line features the exclusive Davidoff Yamasa Wrapper and offers an unparalleled palate stimulation that delivers a very distinguished taste.  Its dark, slightly rustic, oily wrapper imparts a subtle dominance and complexity to the medium bodied puro blend of select Dominican-origin tobaccos.  Coffee and spice notes combine to provide a long, pleasing finish.  The Davidoff Puro d-Oro Series cigars are crafted with a traditional pigtail cap and an elegantly embossed golden band on the foot.  In homage to the original classic Davidoff packaging style of the 1940s, the cigars are boxed into 25-cigar wheels and elegantly wrapped with a white silk Davidoff ribbon.  The embodiment of ultimate luxury, Puro d.Oro resonates the passion for life embraced by the Davidoff connoisseur.

Davidoff Classic Cigars Davidoff Classic

Cigar connoisseurs will appreciate the light, delicate yet rich aroma of this line of cigars. The No.1 are shapes of the greatest elegance distinguished by their subtle blend. The Davidoff No.2 cigar is also available in a tubed version.

Davidoff Aniversario Cigars Davidoff Aniversario

Both the Aniversario No. 1 (Giant Double Corona) and the Aniversario No. 2 (Churchill) are characterized by surprising lightness, dominated by a rich, intense aroma. The tobacco harmonize perfectly in these ideally balanced cigars, exquisitely presented in unique and elegant packaging. The Davidoff Aniversario No. 3 Tubos - a Toro format - is comparable in flavor to the Davidoff Double Rand the petit Ambassadrice, No.3, No.2. The shorter format gives this cigar an even more distinctive aroma and fuller body. A longer Robust for lovers of cigars made from rich, characterful tobacco blends. Davidoff Gran Cru Cigars Davidoff Gran Cru

It is with these shapes that Zino Davidoff launched his original line of cigars in 1946. Packaged in wooden cabinet boxes, the five shapes of the Grand Cru line, ranging from the Petite Corona , are made form rich an full-bodied blend of tabaccos - a pleasure for any cigar lover.

Davidoff Millenium Cigars Davidoff Millenium

The experience accumulated over the years has provided us with the know-how required to produce a new type of cigar made from a balanced blend of stronger tobaccos. With the Davidoff Millennium Blendto the Grand Corona series, Davidoff sets a new reference. The Davidoff experience.

Davidoff Series Mille Cigars Davidoff Series Mille

This Line of cigars is distinguished by its exquisitely balanced taste, milder in flavor than the full bodied Davidoff Grand Cru series, yet more pronounced than the subtle No.1, No.2, No.3 and Ambassadrice. The series includes the Davidoff 1000, Davidoff 2000, Davidoff 3000, Davidoff 4000, Davidoff 5000 and the Davidoff 6000 Series. The Davidoff 2000 is also available in a tubed version.

Davidoff Special Series Cigars Davidoff Special Series

All Davidoff cigars maintain well defined standards of quality and excellence. The tobaccos that are used in the different blends have been cultivated in accordance with the most ancient traditions, in the richest soils and ideal climatic conditions of carefully selected fields. The choicest leaves from various harvest undergo four years of aging, which imparts to Davidoff cigars their rich aroma and consistently smooth taste. All Davidoff cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic, where for over five centuries this art has been passed on from generation to generation. The Special Series is reminiscent of the Classics of the Belle Epoque.

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